Watch this year's DAWS Making a Difference Ball's featured video illustrating the theme "One Step Closer" and produced for us by our friends at Rmedia in Danbury Connecticut.


I'm a foster Mom to 3 wonderful young pets right now, and a Forever Mom to 2 very patient grown-up dogs. I've created this video to show those interested in fostering animals how rewarding it can be. (it can be very hard work, too!)

The animals give you love and appreciation, and you give them the biggest gift that a person can give an animal: patience, care, love, and eventually, a forever home. Yes, it's hard when they leave, but your happiness for them overtakes the sadness. Plus, most forever parents will let you visit or babysit

For more information on adopting and fostering, please see your local animal rescue or shelter. We work with the East Coast Canine Alliance ( ) and Peninsula SPCA.

If you're interested in Junior, Ginger, or Tucker, leave me a message.


Learn how to foster dogs, get started fostering, and common questions about fostering, such as costs involved. I also give a pet food review on Halo Pets Food, donated by a local pet store, Phydeaux and Friends. Please note: this video is mostly commentary and informative, but was highly requested! If you have more questions, or have other video requests, please comment below!

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If you ever wondered what it was like to foster a dog follow along for this adventure.

Video by Jess Blank. Special thanks to Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue.


This video provides a summary of international pet relocation and some of the many aspects which go into planning your furry companion's move to another country. Some countries require you to work with a professional pet shipper, so watch this and learn about what Happy Tails Travel can do for you!

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We brought our dog and cat, Spudgy and Meemers, with us to Japan, but the process of travelling with pets was long, expensive, and challenging. Here are the steps we took to bring them to Japan.

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Do you want a pet snake? They make great pets! When choosing the best snake for you, it's important to consider how big the snake will be when full grown. Smaller snakes can live comfortably in twenty to forty gallon habitats and should eat frozen, thawed Pinky mice. Large snakes will need a bigger home and will eat frozen, thawed mice or rats. For first time snake parents, Corn snakes, Ball Pythons, Rosy and Sand Boas are great options! No matter which snake you choose, remember most can live between fifteen and thirty years! Are you ready for a long term commitment?


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Salve vidas, você irá se sentir muito melhor ajudando os animais.