A Day in the Life of a Foster Mom- Fostering Dogs and Cats

5 years ago
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I'm a foster Mom to 3 wonderful young pets right now, and a Forever Mom to 2 very patient grown-up dogs. I've created this video to show those interested in fostering animals how rewarding it can be. (it can be very hard work, too!)

The animals give you love and appreciation, and you give them the biggest gift that a person can give an animal: patience, care, love, and eventually, a forever home. Yes, it's hard when they leave, but your happiness for them overtakes the sadness. Plus, most forever parents will let you visit or babysit

For more information on adopting and fostering, please see your local animal rescue or shelter. We work with the East Coast Canine Alliance ( www.eastcoastcaninealliance.com ) and Peninsula SPCA.

If you're interested in Junior, Ginger, or Tucker, leave me a message.

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