Red fox behaving around pizza

7 years ago
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Ohhhhhh Loki behaves so good when his Mommy has pizza, he is a trickster with Daddy lol
Loki has a strict diet and too much people food will make him sick so we only give him little bites. As far as everyone saying we want him to beg for the food, would it be better that we put him away when we eat, he is part of the family and we share everything we eat with him. You can treat your pets the way you want to :)
**NOTE - This channel has really grown thanks to all of you guys and I am little over whelmed with comments and i am not able to respond to all of them. I saw myself spending a lot of time answering comments, that is time I could be paying attention to Loki and he knows it. He always comes first in my book. I will respond to comments on the most recent videos and catch up to the other comments when I can. Thank you for understanding

***If you have questions... Please read Loki's FAQ here:
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