How I keep my Alaskan Malamute cool in warm weather! Plus road trip update!!

6 years ago
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Hi Fluffs!
Danny was a rescue from Singapore. We live in Canada now so it's nice and cool for him. Lots of snow! I just thought this video would be useful to some of you with dogs in warmer weather.
Sorry about all Danny's fur on the bed but that's what living with an Alaskan Malamute is like. No matter how much you clean or vacuum there's always dog fur!

Anyway, in this video I'm sharing some different ideas on how I like to keep my Alaskan Malamute cool in the warm and hot weather. We hope these tips and ideas helped your dog because these tips and ideas can be used for other dogs, too! Not just Alaskan Malamutes.

If you want to get a cooling mat for your dog, click here:

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We hope to see you on our road trip!

And until next time, stay fluffy!

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