Chinchilla Dust Bath - Will It Toss?

7 years ago
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Taro the violet chinchilla stars in the premier of a new entertaining video series called "Will It Toss?"

Chinchillas have a very special, inherent ability to roll in anything that has that dust. In the process, they toss up dust into the air, along with other objects they come in contact to in the process. They use their entire body to roll with incredible power, but is it enough to toss up anything you put in the dust?

In this video, we will try to determine whether a Taro can toss a salad. What do you think? Will it toss?

The dust used in this video is from Oxbow Animal Health: "Poof! Blue Cloud Chinchilla Dust". The dust triggered immediate excitement in Taro and caused him to roll happily in the bath. The dust is 100% Blue Cloud dust, and so is safe and results in a clean, soft coat of fur after bathing. More info on this dust can be found here:

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Happy chinchilla dust bath day!

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