Bearded Dragon


Okay so there are lots of comments that are saying that they got their beardie or leo for much cheaper than what I mentioned in the video. And that's fine. But this is the price that you have to pay to get these animals in Japan. It's not cheap here. I should've made the price range for you guys who live in The U.S. But not everyone lives there. So I just did it to my price range. Yes it's more expensive, yes it may sound ridiculous. But it's not cheap to get them here. If you really think that a $20 leo is the animal you want to care for, go for it. Same goes with $40 beardies. Those prices sound ridiculous to me. I've seen so many videos of people saying that their leo died or something, and some are still a juvenile. And yet, they go and get another one, again and again. It's like there's no impact of that one leo that passed away. I'm not against the people who do that, I mean you'd want to keep them again since they're good pets. But the prices they sell them for, that's something I'm not a big fan of. If they were more pricey, you'd think to give it better care, you'd want it to