My new DIY rabbit cages are FINALLY complete! I am beyond excited and so are the bunnies! They already LOVE their new pens!



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Answers to some common questions I have received about hedgehogs.

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Wanted to share with you all Poki's first time outdoors experience and what she usually does around the house. Poki is the sweetest most precious Hedgehog ever. I've had her for almost 6 months now She brings so much joy in my life. Her hobbies are Exploring, Eating and Sleeping ( Which you will see a lot in this video). Every time I play with her I almost explode with cuteness. You can check out more pictures of her on my Instagram,Twitter and Facebook pages . Also Please 'Like' if you want more Poki Videosss !!!

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Ragweed floats on his back! He looks relaxed!

Oh hey, watch our new video of of cat getting massaged with an electric massager! He thinks he's people...

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Bunny rabbits are adorable enough when they're just sitting there twitching their pink noses or lapping water up from their little bottles, but when they're hopping over brightly colored fences like tiny, long-eared horses while their super-enthusiastic trainers cheer from the sidelines, it makes you wonder why rabbit show jumping isn't on TV all the time. We recently spent the day at the Rabbit Grand National in Harrogate in Yorkshire, England, to witness this space-time-bending level of cuteness for ourselves. Show jumping tests bunnies' speed and agility as they race down the course, dreaming of winning the big trophy or at least of getting treats when they finish. We met a two-and-a-half-year-old bunny named Cherie. Her trainer, Magdelena, says Cherie's favorite things in the world are jumping, hay, and carrots (and probably fucking a whole bunch, if we know anything about rabbits). Cherie annihilated the competition, finishing the race in just 12.5 seconds! Way to go,


Bunnies are notoriously clean. In this video baby Bunbun washes her face and then stretches out to relax on the sofa.

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Cute baby bunny love!


Veteran dust bather Taro the violet chinchilla reminds us all again how a dust bath is to be taken!

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Chinchilla dust bath love!


Taro the violet chinchilla stars in the premier of a new entertaining video series called "Will It Toss?"

Chinchillas have a very special, inherent ability to roll in anything that has that dust. In the process, they toss up dust into the air, along with other objects they come in contact to in the process. They use their entire body to roll with incredible power, but is it enough to toss up anything you put in the dust?

In this video, we will try to determine whether a Taro can toss a salad. What do you think? Will it toss?

The dust used in this video is from Oxbow Animal Health: "Poof! Blue Cloud Chinchilla Dust". The dust triggered immediate excitement in Taro and caused him to roll happily in the bath. The dust is 100% Blue Cloud dust, and so is safe and results in a clean, soft coat of fur after bathing. More info on this dust can be found here:

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