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Hey yall! I Jukka and I got a puppy! He is a pomsky and he's just so perfect! Thought I'd vlog my journey because I knew i would be insanely happy! Love yall!

Snapchat: Olivia.irene

Film and edited by Dez:


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Don't Do This - 1:46
1) Stopping Puppy Bitting/Teething - 3:07
- The best puppy toys we've used: &

2) Can Huskies Live in Warm Climates? - 4:31
- Dog To-Go water bottle I use:

3) What Food to Feed? - 5:50
- What we feed Gohan. HIGHLY Recommend. Quality food! They have puppy formula too:
- Canned Version:

- Treats Gohan Loves (Few Ingredients= GOOD!):

3) Should You Train Husky? - 5:14

4) Do Huskies Escape? - 7:03

5) How Long Can They Stay Home Alone? - 7:58

6) How Much Exercise do Huskies Need? - 8:31

7) Dealing With Shedding - 9:04
- Best brush I've used for Shedding:


How to train a puppy!
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Doberman puppy scared of stuffed toy.