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This is more of my experiment with a couple of tame Cheetahs as a endangered breeding center called Cheetah Experience in South Africa. Cats love softness and Cheetahs are no exception to that rule. Faith here, is a female African Cheetah with a handicap. She was born with sterile meningitis that affected her bone, joint, and nervous system. She is still a Cheetah and loved spending her nights with me inside her enclosure. Faith loved snuggling up close and sharing a sleepover.

She discovered the softest spot in the cement box we slept in was my pillow. I wasn't going to force her off of it and so asked her politely if I could use her as a pillow and she did not mind. Big Cats love sharing the warmth and often lay right next and op top of each other. It is a survival instinct and quite natural. Normally, these Cheetahs lay on me instead of the other


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This is a video of how to take care of a monkey. If you have any questions, please ask me. And Yes, Monkeys make excellent pets

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MonkeyBoo loves him some French Fries and he will show you!