Devon Rex KITTEN MEETS a DOG for the FIRST TIME!!!

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The Devon Rex is highly intelligent and highly active and often said to resemble a pixie. Expect him to be perched on your shoulder, at your side, or in your lap, avidly supervising everything you do. For more information go to


Our Bengal cat ( Spooky) , doesn't like our neighbour cat!

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My cat is hilarious! I don't think he is all there...


This little girl is simply loving life, relaxed and limp as ever! This is one of the things that makes the Ragdoll cat breed so unique, some become "floppy" like a ragdoll toy when you pick them up. They are very affectionate cats that love human attention and follow you around the house. The black & white kitten in the video is Madison, a solid Ragdoll. My husband and I breed purebred TICA-registered Ragdolls in Charlotte NC.


This is why the personality of Ragdoll Cats can be described as

Timo got his own Facebook Page:


The gentle Egyptian Mau is the only domesticated cat with a naturally occurring spotted coat. This breed has been clocked at 30 miles per hour and has extraordinary leaping ability.

He generally loves his people and desires attention and affection from them but is wary of others. Learn more at


So. Much. Fluffiness. For more videos of Sunny, check out my channel:

ABOUT SUNNY'S HAIRCUT: She gets MATS in her amazing fur, which the vet says is painful because it pulls on her skin and also traps dirt and sweat. And no, I can't just brush her because she FREAKS the hell out if I try to groom her. Other reasons she gets shaved: she gets HOT in warm weather, a shaved coat is easier for her to clean, and it helps her skin breathe since she has sensitive skin/allergies. I do it because I FREAKIN' ADORE her--not because I want to embarrass her on YouTube.

Let's quit with the hate now, eh? Send amazing loving thoughts to Sunny!