What You Need for Your New Guinea Pig

from Alana Nau
2 years ago
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*********EXTREMELY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ********** Planet Petco Softwood bedding is NOT safe for guinea pigs anymore! If you want to use Planet Petco bedding like this, PLEASE use the ASPEN kind! Softwood bedding is either made from pine or cedar, which is BAD for them! It will give them a URI (Upper respiratory infection) which you will need to take your guinea pig to the vet for! It slowly kills your guinea pigs! PLEASE DO NOT USE PINE OR CEDAR! I recommend using Carefresh or and aspen bedding. I DO NOT use this bedding. As you can see in their cage, I use a piggybed spread (fleece.) I recommend using fleece (If not, Carefresh bedding). If you have questions on how to use fleece or how to wash it, ask me in the comments please. Thank you! 

Hi everyone! I hope you liked the video! Sorry that I didn't do the prices of everything you need for a guinea pig, I couldn't find out how much money everything I bought was. If you want to know the price of something or where I bough it, just ask me in the comments. If you have any requests, please let me know in the comments! I will be doing more request videos soon! Please comment, rate and subscribe! Bye!

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