So You Want To Own A Fennec Fox?

from Alana Nau
3 years ago
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For months people have been asking me to do a video about fennec foxes. Since they were still considered an Exotic pet at the time of this video, I have always been hesitant to make this because not everyone should own one. I am in no way advocating that you go out and get one if you have no experience with these animals, however, if you're going to ignore me and do it anyway, at least take my words into consideration and do as much research as you can before bringing one into your house. This is NOT a dog or a cat so you cannot treat it like one. If you expect a pet that will cuddle with you all day and one that you can bring out for walks or out in public, this is not that kind of pet. Owning a fennec fox is best for someone who has the money to properly give them what they need, and prior experience so that you understand their mannerisms. Fennec Foxes can scream VERY loud, so do not get one if you live in an apartment or you will get complaints. I will make a second part to this video soon, please forgive me for any mistakes or how I may look in this video, It was VERY early in the morning when I shot this. lol. I may not know EVERYTHING about exotic pets and foxes in general, but I do have about 20 years hands-on experience working with these types of pets so please at least take my words into consideration before doing something stupid that can put you or a fox in harms way. If you've never worked with foxes before, do that first to see if you really want one in your home. Join some of the fox groups on Facebook, Find Sanctuaries in your area or in driving distance, meet people on there who may live near you and see if you're able to go meet the fox in person. Ask them about the downsides, and their daily routines. Ask them how much money they spend yearly or monthly on the fox, find out if there are exotic pet vets in your area... all of this will help you decide. Remember too, when you travel, you'll need someone who is capable of caring for this pet.... the list goes on of things people normally don't think of before getting a pet like this... Watch my Video on Wolfdogs here: Follow Us: Website: Seven Sins Salon: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Pinterest: Tumblr: Flickr: YouTube: LinkedIn: Dribble: BeHance: Vimeo: Instagram: Other Resources:

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