Parrot Freeflight -- the Real Issues and Training Involved in Flying Outdoors

from Alana Nau
2 years ago
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There are lots of myths and misunderstandings associated with training outside freeflight for birds. This video shows how Neena, a non-professional, works with her pet parrots on outdoor freeflight. She has recently moved to California and adopted two Blue and Gold babies.

Her birds don't want to "escape" or "run away," and hawks aren't the biggest danger outside for pet parrots...

For those who are inspired to have flighted birds...this video states the facts...

If you want your bird to fly outside, it takes a lot of time, work, and you SHOULD HAVE AN EXPERIENCED MENTOR!

If you are impatient to get started, then do get started with INDOOR flight training.

If you are serious, then watch my videos...

Parrot Training - Indoor Flight Skills

Parrot Training - Indoor Free Flying - DUCK!!

Those skills are needed before going outside.

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