HOW TO: Make Your Own Waterproof Cage Liners

from Alana Nau
4 years ago
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Ever wanted to make your own cage liners for your DIY/C&C cage? In this video I show you a simple way to make professional looking waterproof cage liners in seven easy steps!
Each step is explained in detail and alternative materials/methods are discussed throughout the video. A sewing machine is not necessary - though will speed things up a lot if you are able to use one!

If you followed this guide and made your own cage liners please let me know! If you have any questions, just ask in the comments and I will reply.

Step 1 - Measure the cage/area of cage that you want the liner to fit. Write down the length and width and then add 5cm to each. This will be the amount of fabric you need to cut out.

Step 2 - Cut out your fabrics. I demonstrate an easy tape measure technique which is handy when you are cutting out large areas! Once you have done one, you can use that piece as a pattern for the rest.

Step 3 - Arrange on top of each other and pin the layers together. Remember right side to right side as the cage liner will be turned inside out. Spread out the layers carefully so they don't crease or shift once in place. Pin the corners first and space out the pins when you start - this again helps to stop the layers moving. Check regularly that the pins are going through all the layers.

Step 4 - Sew around the liner, a few mm inside of the pins, making sure you are sewing all the layers together. Don't forget to leave a gap for turning the liner inside out!

Step 5 - Trim the seams around the corners so they can poke out properly and be nice and pointy!

Step 6 - Turn the liner inside out - the fleece should be on top and the waterproof layer underneath.

Step 7 - Sew up the hole! You can either hand stitch using a slip stitch or do it on the machine as I did if you aren't bothered by a visible seam.

Et voila! A perfect cage liner!

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