Good vs Bad Rabbit Cages

from Alana Nau
3 years ago
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Good and Bad cages to use for your rabbit! These are MY personal opinion on cages and you can take it or leave it (DISCLAIMER: All Photos are from Google Images, NONE ARE MINE) Alot of people talk about sore hocks and I do think Sore Hocks are more genetic then flooring and Wire cages can be fine! The BIGGEST reason why I don't like wire cages is because they are small and wire would get yucky over time and walking on wire all day doesn't seem like the best but whatever floats your boat. -------------Thanks for watching!----------- Pets: Storm: Rabbit_Male_Mixed Breed Misty: Rabbit_Female_Holland Lop Echo: Hamster_Female_Head Spot Roborovski =========================== Video Requests are Highly Appreciated! =========================== INSTAGRAM: =========================== TWITTER: =========================== SNAPCHAT: stormyrabbits =========================== PINTREST: =========================== Buying Anything?: SmallPetSelect $10 Off! : Petco $10 Off: =========================== MUSIC: Youtube Music or Other ===========================

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