Episode 1 - The instinct - So you want to own a fox

5 years ago
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I am making these videos to show the true facts of owning a fox. This is a collection of Loki misbehaving in the last year and a half. I have seen a LOT of videos that show all of the fun parts of owning a fox and most say they are not easy but I am going to be showing you first hand through my videos what life with a fox looks like. Some parts might be cute but you have to remember that this is going on ALL THE TIME!!! Loki is 100% litter trained but as you see in the video when he steals something he will mark it. He won't just go to the bathroom anywhere.

Foxes are not for everyone, they require a lot of work. So many people want to get a fox after watching Loki interact with us at home but you have to know what you are getting into. So many people get foxes because they are sooo cute when they are small and have no idea what they are getting into and get rid of the fox after 6 months when it starts behaving like this or worse because Loki is now almost 6 years old and we got him at 5 weeks old and when he was 6 months old multiply this by 5. He was a terror which 98% of the people out there would not be able to handle.
I vacuum my house on a daily basis, I mop every week, and do a full cleaning every month. This is the full cleaning I do every month
I have had the city and the county at my house and they say they could not smell I have a pet not to mention a fox. This is the other part of owning a fox, if you do not maintain your house it will get filthy quick so you have to stay on top of it on a daily basis.

Hopefully these videos might shed a little more light and help. I am just giving you the facts and what I go and have gone through with Loki!!!

P.S. I love my fox
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