Choosing Your New Guinea Pigs: Males or Females?

from Alana Nau
1 year ago
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Differences between male and female piggies! Including: dominance, hygiene, health issues and personality traits.

A quick summary:
* Male piggies can get along and do not always fight! Equally, sometimes female piggies will not get along. Males do not need neutering unless they are to live with one or a group of females.
* Male piggies might be a tad smellier, but hardly. Cleaning a male's grease gland is not difficult and should not put you off males.
* Males can suffer impaction when they get older, but females are prone to ovarian cysts, which can be a bigger health concern in the long run. 
* The personality depends much more on the individual piggie, but males might be more outgoing than females.
* A lot of new owners go for females, but as someone who had a pair of male piggies first, I think either sex is fine! Consider going to a rescue to get a pre-bonded pair of piggies, that way you know they definitely get along fine

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