BEFORE AND AFTER: Guinea Pig Cage Makeover and Haul Video!

from Alana Nau
2 years ago
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How I made my cage more fun for my piggies, with help from a trip to Jollies and Pets at Home! 

Some quick tips:
* If you've got the space, try moving fiddle sticks into the centre so they can access from both ends, making it a tunnel to run through too!
* Decorate the sides of your cages with chew toys hanging down and colourful hag bags to spice things up a little!
* Give them a treat by putting in some of their favourite hay or readi grass mixed in with their usual one.
* Use pads! Either a selection of random colours or for the more coordinated cage use pads all the same colour. These are great to help with cleaning too.
* Use a mixture of different hidey options, so your piggies always have a choice of where to relax.
* Try using items that double up as a toy and a snack - the hay tunnels are a favourite!
* And of course, swap things around every week so your piggies (and you!) don't get bored with the same old layout.

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