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How to keep your cages looking fresh and clean every day! Follow these 6 tips to encourage your guinea pigs to use litter trays and make it easier to clean up after them!

1. Use litter trays and position them in areas of the cage where piggies are more inclined to go anyway - think darker shaded corners or underneath hidey huts.

2. Put HAY in the litter trays! Guinea pigs pee and poop whilst they munch on hay, so by adding hay to the litter trays they are far more likely to use them. Don't worry about them eating soiled hay - you should provide them with fresh hay at least twice a day and fully clean the litter trays every day.

3. Get large litter trays. Forget about those corner ones - they just don't work and are not big enough to provide your piggies with a decent space to eat hay. Start off with cat litter trays and maybe even create your own larger trays in the future. I have a tutorial video for making a great size litter tray from an under bed storage box:

4. Make sure the lining for the rest of the cage is different to the material in the litter trays.


Enjoy me and Georgey getting soaked! Please note I'm not being cruel in any way to my guinea pig, and I accept that not everyone agrees with this


Daily Guinea Pig Routine | Spring 2015

Thanks for watching! This was a highly requested video so I thought it was time to make an updated guinea pig routine as so much has changed since my last one. As you probably noticed from the video, the guinea pigs have a new cage! This is because they just weren't using the space in the large cage and it seemed a waste; the reason we made the previous cage so large was because we just put all the sows together for the first time and we wanted to reduce the risk of them fighting by giving them more room however they all started to get along very well after introducing Bramley and I thought that it would be more practical to make the cage a little bit smaller - it is still large enough for 8 guinea pigs as it is 7x5 grids so they have plenty of space. 
To find out more information about their new cage, click the link to my latest blog post - 


Guinea Pig Enclosure Tour | February 2015


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*********EXTREMELY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ********** Planet Petco Softwood bedding is NOT safe for guinea pigs anymore! If you want to use Planet Petco bedding like this, PLEASE use the ASPEN kind! Softwood bedding is either made from pine or cedar, which is BAD for them! It will give them a URI (Upper respiratory infection) which you will need to take your guinea pig to the vet for! It slowly kills your guinea pigs! PLEASE DO NOT USE PINE OR CEDAR! I recommend using Carefresh or and aspen bedding. I DO NOT use this bedding. As you can see in their cage, I use a piggybed spread (fleece.) I recommend using fleece (If not, Carefresh bedding). If you have questions on how to use fleece or how to wash it, ask me in the comments please. Thank you! 

Hi everyone! I hope you liked the video! Sorry that I didn't do the prices of everything you need for a guinea pig, I couldn't find out how much money everything I bought was. If you want to know the price of something or where I bough it, just ask me in the comments. If you have any requests, please let me know in the comments! I will be doing

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Notice anything different about the quality?? I've recently purchased a new camera so the quality of my videos will be TONS better for you all! It is a Samsung WB30F HD Smart Camera and I got it on amazon.

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The loft was inspired by my friend guinea hamsters! Here is a link to her channel:

And a link to her video where she shows her loft!:


Please Read ^_^ Hey everyone so I'm back with another care video and it's about cleaning guinea pig's ears. This is just how I personally do it and it works for me and my guinea pigs. Remember when you are cleaning your guinea pig's ears only clean the outer visible parts of their ears to avoid damaging their hearing. I hope this video helped you! Also can you please leave video requests in the comment section below? I've had many many requests to do chinchilla videos but I need chinchilla topics please! I've decided to try to upload at least one video per week so check every Sunday and hopefully there will be a video up! Thanks! Please comment, like, subscribe, and request! Snowflake, you always had the cutest ears!


Differences between male and female piggies! Including: dominance, hygiene, health issues and personality traits.

A quick summary:
* Male piggies can get along and do not always fight! Equally, sometimes female piggies will not get along. Males do not need neutering unless they are to live with one or a group of females.
* Male piggies might be a tad smellier, but hardly. Cleaning a male's grease gland is not difficult and should not put you off males.
* Males can suffer impaction when they get older, but females are prone to ovarian cysts, which can be a bigger health concern in the long run. 
* The personality depends much more on the individual piggie, but males might be more outgoing than females.
* A lot of new owners go for females, but as someone who had a pair of male piggies first, I think either sex is fine! Consider going to a rescue to get a pre-bonded pair of piggies, that way you know they definitely get along fine

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