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A puppy haul to show you what I have recently bought for my new puppy ready for when I pick her up on sunday! So get ready for LOTS of puppy videos!

Keeping your cat active is very important for their quality of life and toys are just the ticket to get your cat, especially an indoor cat (like Rags!), running and chasing around.

Watch 8 Great Toys for Cats - Here are 8 ideas for cat toys that are easy and very inexpensive.

Hey, check out my new channel. I'll have more videos of monkeys and other cool exotic animals like bobcats. 

Capuchin MonkeyBoo visits all the animals at Pet Smart MonkeyBoo T-Shirts and More: Follow Boo on Twitter:

MonkeyBoo loves him some French Fries and he will show you!

Enzo the tiger and dogs waking up on the bed in the morning with good morning kiss.